Make Growing Your Hair Out Easier

The Man Buns & Manes Long Hair Community was created as a support network for men with long hair to celebrate what it means to be different from the status quo and encourage those who are currently growing their hair out to stick in the game and reach their hair goals.

Growing your hair out can not only take a long time but without a great support network behind you it can be a real challenge. If you’re looking for a positive environment that will lift you up you can join the community by clicking below.

What Current Members Are Saying About The Group

Craig Dunn - Growing Your Hair Out

"Last year I had a life saving operation, in return for saving my life I wanted to give something back so decided to grow my hair and eventually donate it. During months 4/5 I really struggled for motivation during the awkward stages until I stumbled across Thomas’ Youtube Channel and Facebook group. Knowing how tight the community is really helped me get through it and I’m now onto month 17 and plane sailing towards my goal! Wouldn’t be at the stage I am now, without you guys! Truly mean that."
- Craig Dunn

Michael Muenzer

"I like that everyone is welcome and encouraging in the group. Most men think you're supposed to have short hair but that's old tradition and out of style. I am also amazed at how different everyone's hair textures and styles are."
- Austin Ventura

Michael Muenzer

"I truly found the group helpful, as for myself, the group gave me inspiration to grow out the sides of my disconnected undercut due to the inspirational pictures provided by the community"
- Harry Nieuwenburg

Mitchell Williams - Growing Your Hair Out

"I found the group a little over a year ago when I decided I was going to grow my hair out. I had been looking on YouTube for tips on hair growth for guys with curlier hair and hadn’t found anything until I found Thomas In Action

When he mentioned he’d made a group specifically for guys growing out their hair I joined straight away. The group has been so helpful. Every time I thought about cutting my hair I’d get on the group and look at everyone posting where they were at and I’d keep at it. 

I never got the courage to post a growth update until a few days ago and the response I got was super positive! I definitely wouldn’t have kept growing it if it wasn’t for the group."
- Mitchell Williams

Eric Cristian Ceapă

"Thomas's group is my second home! Every time I feel like I wanna give up, or I just don't have inspiration, I'll go to Thomas's group and have a good time while looking through the extraordinary posts of this community! A community that's ready to help and support you at any given moment!"
- Eric Cristian Ceapă

Michael Tercero - Growing Your Hair Out

"Thomas’s videos have helped me out so much. The way he rocks his mane has given me the confidence and patience to grow mine out too. He is living proof that long hair on men can be attractive, sexy and a style that doesn’t get old!" 😉
- Michael Tercero

Dima - Growing Your Hair Out

"The group is helpful because we are asking advice and giving advice also we have inspiration from it. It's pretty helpful."
- Dima

Daniel Lunn

"The inspiration for me growing out my hair was my Nephew Alisdair who was growing his hair out to donate for charity, he was getting bullied at school for being a boy with long hair.. so I said I would grow it with him as support... I come across this group that I knew would be a huge help for myself as I was going from a skin fade been done every 2-3 weeks so a huge difference. 

It turned out this page wasn’t only going to be a huge help for myself but an incredible help to my nephew with the personal help of Thomas!

I reached out to Thomas about my nephew being bullied for growing his hair and he really took it to heart and Alistair was a spotlight in one of his videos! So this group extends past hair... It really touches people's lives and the current members are always supportive of anyone with questions. Doesn't matter if you have short hair with the aspersions of long flowing hair or you're already rocking the locks you will be treated the same as everyone else. 

So from myself and Alistair thank you Thomas for starting this community and hope it grows... No pun intended (or was it)."
- Daniel Lunn

Ryan John - Growing Your Hair Out

"So this group has helped me with growing my hair massively. I’ve had so many people talk down about my hair saying it looks like crap yatta yatta. I’m sure I've heard all the BS. But here in the group we give positive feedback and good vibes. We are all here to help each other on our hair growth journeys. So don’t cut it and just keep growing!"
- Ryan John

Sharan - Growing Your Hair Out

"When it comes down to it, growing hair is a natural process and the speed can't really be changed by anything. However, it’s fun to share the experience with others, especially Thomas In Action."
- Sharan Reddy

Ropoli Kristóf - Growing Your Hair Out

"I'm part of a couple Facebook groups but never post anything. I made 2 posts in this group and all the reactions were so nice and helpful. It helped me with the motivation and self confidence whilst growing my hair out. Huge thanks for everybody" 😊
- Ropoli Kristóf 

Dale Hawke - Growing Your Hair Out

"I have followed Thomas’ channel for two years and I have found his videos inspirational and informative and most of all has helped me through tough and challenging times to help me be the best I can be, so thank you." 
- Dale Hawke

Jimmy Kronkvist - Growing Your Hair Out

"I chose to join this group as I’d been playing with the idea of ​​letting my hair grow long for over a year. I have been trying for a long time to get my hair long but every time I have reached the awkward phase I have cut it short again. one day I was sitting with my mobile and watching some videos on Youtube and think it was number 4 video was one of  Thomas'." 
- Jimmy Kronkvist

Jimmy Kronkvist - Growing Your Hair Out

"I decided to grow out my hair as a new years resolution for 2019. I started looking for tips on how to go about the growing process. Videos from Thomas In Action came up in my recommendations on YouTube. I liked the fact that Thomas said, "On a scale of 1-10, how much does my hair matter in your life." This helped me wing all comments from other people talking crap about my hair.

All the other tips on hair care especially helped through the awkward phase and still inspires me to grow my hair longer. I’m currently at 10 months of hair growth.

Thanks for the inspiration Thomas.
- Jeandre Botha

Shannon Halfacre

"I love the Man Buns & Manes group. From the moment I decided to grow my hair out I joined the group and found amazing support, camaraderie and plenty of helpful videos to guide me on this journey! It’s such a wealth of support and education. Thank you Thomas!
- Shannon Halfacre

Louis Adamson - Growing Your Hair Out

"I’d been thinking of growing my hair out for a while anyway, but when I found the Facebook group from Thomas’ YouTube videos I’ve found them really helpful and I’ve gotten a lot of suggestions of products from people in the group. I also like when people share videos instructing us on how to do certain styles etc. It’s been really fun and everyone has been lovely so far!
- Louis Adamson

Dinesh Dino - Growing Your Hair Out

"To be honest, I have tried to grow my hair many times before and what happens is I lose my motivation and then just cut my hair to medium short. Things just started to change when I started watching Thomas’ long hair videos and came to know about this group. This group has given me enough motivation to grow my hair out I don't even think about cutting my hair.
- Dinesh Dino

Jonathon Baisden - Growing Your Hair Out

"I love this group! Y’all have given me so much encouragement on my hair growth process not directly just in general from seeing y’all post. 

Since my hairstyle is different I’m having a hard time keeping it going but it comes back to me that I wanna be different and seeing no one else really with it inspires me. 

I have ocd when it comes to my hair and look and I appreciate all of y’all cause seeing posts helped me.
- Jonathon Baisden

Royce Erice -

"I first found Thomas In Action on YouTube which led me to finding this group on Facebook. Ever Since I have been a member, there has been nothing but support and oddly the sense of a TEAM effort. 

When it comes to growing out your hair or finding the right style for you, it truly feels like you're going through everything together. From short hair to the awkward stage. From the journey for the man-bun to the Final hoorah.

 I've watched countless people go through their hair journey and then see a final post of the end result to cutting it off. I love it. Those people successfully reached their goals and am so proud of them. I'm glad to say I’m about to become one of them. 

I grew my hair with the help and guidance from people of this group from short hair to what I have now. This whole Journey was a boosting experience in so many ways. I met new friends, I was honoured to be able to support my brothers and sisters along their journey and am proud of not only what I have done but more of what everyone else has."

- Royce Erice