Daemon Targaryen Hair Tutorial (3 Variations)

Daemon Targaryen Hair Tutorial

Hello Lions, and welcome back to the blog. This Daemon Targaryen hair tutorial goes out to all of you House of the Dragon fans in our amazing community. The first season is really bringing the heat and the hair inspo is real! Before we get started, If you’ve watched any of the lore videos regarding the Dance of the Dragons, … Read More

How to Make the Most of Long Hair For Men

Welcome back Lions for another blog post. Today we’re going to be taking some notes from celebrity hairstylist Mark Bustos on how to make the most of long hair for men. Today’s Teacher: Mark BustosBorn June 7, 1984, Mark has earned his stripes as a celebrity stylist by tending to high end clients such as Norah Jones and Marc Jacobs … Read More

The History of Male Long Hair

Up for a history lesson? but of the fun kind? In today’s post we’ll be covering the history of male long hair and how things have changed over the years to bring us to where we are at now. If you’re just joining us for the first time, welcome to the Man Buns and Manes blog where we cover all … Read More

3 Men’s Everyday Hairstyles For Long Hair

If you’re a guy looking for everyday hairstyles for long hair that aren’t going to take hours in the morning, look no further you’ve landed in the right spot lol. Video TranscriptHello hair growers, and welcome back to my channel. My name is Thomas if you’re brand new, and I make style and hair-related videos every single week. Do you … Read More

5 Long Nordic Hairstyles For Men – Male Viking Hairstyles

5 Nordic Hairstyles For Men - Men's Long Hairstyles

Hello and welcome back to the Man Buns & Manes blog where we’ll be covering 5 nordic hairstyles for men with long hair. Our founder, Thomas, has been inspired to create some out of the box viking styles to share with you you using inspiration from all the places he loves to hang out on the internet.  Thomas has also … Read More