Daemon Targaryen Hair Tutorial (3 Variations)

Daemon Targaryen Hair Tutorial

Hello Lions, and welcome back to the blog. This Daemon Targaryen hair tutorial goes out to all of you House of the Dragon fans in our amazing community.

The first season is really bringing the heat and the hair inspo is real!

Before we get started, If you've watched any of the lore videos regarding the Dance of the Dragons, we'd love it if you'd leave a comment telling us whose side you're on.

Are you with the greens or are you with the blacks? And not only that, why? We'll be checking those comments.

If you haven’t seen the Dance of The Dragons lore video yet, then… Shame! 🔔

Just kidding, here it is though so you can get yourself up to speed with the proposed storyline of House of The Dragon:

As for the breakdown of this post, we’re going to cover our thoughts on the things that I've seen so far for House of the Dragon. And then I'm gonna get into the hairstyles that I've been playing around with on my mannequin head Daemon here. As per usual, the timestamps will be available for you in the play bar or in the description so you can flick back and forward at your leisure, and without further ado, let's burn them all.

So the main thing that I'm really excited about for this series for starters is obviously the dragons. Well, actually they're wyverns, but heck, let's call them dragons because they are big and scary, they breathe fire, and that is more than enough for me. And I do remember when Game of Thrones was airing I would always be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next scene where Daenerys and her three humongous bloody dragons would burst in and absolutely fuck shit up.

Every single scene, loved it, was obsessed. And with House of the Dragon, this new series, well from everything that I've seen so far it's based around an event called Dance of the Dragons. Which sort of begins at the pinnacle of the Targaryen dynasty, and as we all know, the Targaryen family are best known for their ability to tame dragons. And yes, there's gonna be a lot more than three dragons in this one.

So I am really, really excited. Not only that, the plot looks good and sounds amazing. I believe there's gonna be a heap of family drama between the Targaryens themselves, who are already a fairly mad bunch to begin with. So if you take that, add fire and a heap of big humongous dragons, you can imagine this is gonna get pretty wild.

And then obviously the other thing I'm particularly interested in just after seeing all the shorts is the array of hairstyles that we're gonna be seeing throughout this whole entire series, particularly worn by the men.

If we look at the small glimpse of the Targaryen men that we saw in Game of Thrones, long hair did seem to be a standard for them. And after seeing all of the trailers for House of the Dragons, the new characters seem to have long hair as well. We've got Prince Daemon, we've got King Viserys who both had the long white hair and a couple of other main characters as well, we've got Corlys Velaryon and his son who have both been cast as black men with white long dreads, which I think looks epic.

And then in a completely separate dimension to them, we've got the Targaryen women that we've seen so far, so Rhaenys and Rhaenyra, who both have gorgeous long white hair and some pretty awesome braided hairstyles going on. Which from the outset makes it really clear that we're gonna be seeing some sick hair inspo coming out of this show, hence why I had to make a video about it. So with that said and done, I think it's time we get down to how to style long hair for men Targaryen style.

Now, the styles that I'll be covering today are based off prince Daemon's medium length hairstyle that I've seen in the trailers. Prince Daemon is set to be one of the main characters slash button pushers in the series.

So I think by the end, whether it goes on for five years or whatever, he is gonna be a very iconic character. And obviously as you can see, my mannequin head who I've also called Daemon matches quite well with what we've seen of Prince Daemon so far anyway. So there. In terms of prepping the hair I've actually been very lazy today and I haven't actually done anything to this mannequin.

I believe it is real human hair that we are working with today, it's really thick and really straight already. So it's fairly easy to work with, but if you do wanna try any of these styles for yourself and your hair type is nothing like this, I do have plenty of hair straightening videos kicking around here on my channel from ages ago that can help you achieve a similar vibe. I'll leave those up in the cards for you. And if you want to pick up any of the accessories that I use for the tutorials today, like my brushes or my elastics, those will also be linked in the description for you. So for style number one, we're gonna be doing Daemon's half up, half down hairstyle. This one is very, very easy.

Firstly, I sectioned the hair from the ear to the top of the crown and ensured that it left a section out in the front of each ear that dangled down to the jawline. Next, I grabbed my ball bristle brush and brushed the top section of hair to make it nice and smooth. Once I was happy with the position and the smoothness of my upper section, I secured it in place with a clear elastic. To finish up the hairstyle, I gave it a once over and ensured that everything was looking good and proportionate and voila, doneskis.

The only thing you really need to take into account to make sure you nail this style is the placement of the ponytail and getting it right on top of the crown here. It's nice and high compared to something like a John Snow look or a Eren Yeager look that comes, you know, a little bit further down the head.

It's nice and high this one. So moving onto style number two. I thought I'd elevate the regular Daemon look a little bit by simply adding a Dutch braid into the top section of hair. I am yet to see any Targaryen men with braids in their hair, it only seems to be the women who wear these extravagant braided hair styles. And obviously being me, I questioned this straight away and I thought, well, why can't Targaryen men have them as well? I mean, men wearing braids is certainly a thing these days.

So, I decided to go ahead and add a modern spin to it anyway. And the placement of this one sits a little bit lower on the crown compared to the previous hairstyle. And the reason for that is because where the hair was secured before is now where the braid separates from the head. And because that space is now taken up by the braid we've gotta move where we secure it down, just a smidge. And as soon as I got the look and placement of my Dutch braid right,

I then secured the end of my Dutch braid at the back with the unbraided parts of the top section tightly together with one of my elastics. And then once I was happy with that, I unravelled the end of the braid and merged it into the loose ends of the ponytail to bring everything together. And from there it's happy days. That's style number two. Also, while I'm here talking about braiding actually, if you are wanting to try this kind of stuff on yourself but you have no idea where to start with braiding, I do have some really helpful tutorials on how to get started with no experience, and I strongly suggest that you check those out if you are a beginner, they will also to be left up in the cards for you if you wanna learn. Now moving on to style number three.

So with style number three, I wanted to elevate this braided look just that little bit further. So I opted in for two Dutch braids on each side of the head and released the top section altogether, and then used it to cover the ends of the four braids that I put into the sides. Before securing it altogether for the final look.

I got pretty tricky in the end there. I personally think out of the three styles number three is the most badass and cool looking. However, I'm gonna let you be the judge and let me know in the comments which of the three hairstyles was your favourite. And if you do try any of these hairstyles on Instagram, make sure you tag me.

My Instagram handle is @thomasinaction. And that brings us to the end of this video. I'm literally bursting to see the first episode of this series. At the time of posting this it's the 20th of August, so tomorrow is the launch date and I'm here like bring it on. Thank you so much for swinging by this channel and watching up until this point, guys. I really, really do appreciate it. Don't forget to smash that thumbs up button for the altube yougorithm and hit subscribe if you want more hair related content every now and then. I'll catch you next time. Bye.

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