4 Undercut Man Bun Hairstyle Variations

Undercut Man Bun Variations

If you’ve been growing your hair out for a while and haven’t completely made up your mind on what man bun style is going to be best for you then we think you’ll definitely get some good ideas from this post. Aside from the full man bun, the undercut man bun is still an extremely popular and cool looking style … Read More

How to Pull Off a Man Bun with Confidence – Man Buns & Manes

How to Pull Off a Man Bun with Confidence

Hello and welcome the Man Buns and Manes Blog where we’re going to be covering how to pull off a man bun with confidence. Although the man bun seems like a simple af hairstyle to achieve, there is an art to it both internally and externally. Here’s our best advice on how to pull off a man bun. Video TranscriptHello, … Read More

5 Man Bun Braid Styles for Men with Long Hair

Welcome back to the Man Buns & Manes blog and today we’ll be showcasing 5 interesting man bun braid styles from our founder Thomas In Action. Thomas says he’s been really inspired lately by a lot of the man bun braid styles he’s been seeing in our Facebook group of late and has decided to create some of his own.  … Read More