4 Undercut Man Bun Hairstyle Variations

Undercut Man Bun Variations

If you’ve been growing your hair out for a while and haven’t completely made up your mind on what man bun style is going to be best for you then we think you’ll definitely get some good ideas from this post. Aside from the full man bun, the undercut man bun is still an extremely popular and cool looking style that has many variations to give you your own creative edge.

Thomas In Action has used his photoshop skills to modify his hair to bring you 4 different undercut man bun styles for you to explore. 

1. The Lowered Undercut Man Bun

Lowered undercut
lowered undercut back

The lowered undercut man bun consists of the man bun with a disconnected undercut that begins at the temples. This style is a Thomas In Action favourite and if you’ve been following his hair growth journey, you’ll know this is a man bun style he has been contemplating for a while now… He just can’t decide on when he’s going to get it.

2. Disconnected Undercut with Man Bun (Rounded Back)

Rounded back high man bun
round man bun back

The rounded back disconnected undercut man bun is the most common undercut man bun style we usually see on guys. Still very popular in 2019 the undercut on this style is quite high and extends to the back of the crown with a rounded back.

3. Man Bun with Disconnected Undercut (Diamond Back)

Diamond back version
Diamond back from back

The diamond back man bun with the disconnected undercut is very similar to the previous style we mentioned, the only difference with this undercut man bun style is the finish at the back. Instead of the cut being round it is shaped with a point. Hence the name “Diamond Back”.

4. Man Bun with Low Back Undercut
Low back version
Low cut man bun from back

This man bun style is subtle yet interesting. The undercut on this man bun style falls at the back of the head 3 quarters of the way up the ear. This style is quite uncommon but is still quite edgy and worth consideration if an undercut man bun is the style you are going for.


And that’s our 4 undercut man bun style variations. We hope you were able to get some good inspiration from each of these styles and that you’ve had your eyes opened to some of the possibilities for you and your hair.

Feel free to let us know which style is your favourite in the comments section below and if you have already, make sure you come and join our free hair growth Facebook group to keep yourself inspired along your hair growth journey.

We’ll see you in our next post!

The Man Buns & Manes Team


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