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If you have a man bun and you want to make sure you are doing everything to keep it in top shape, you in the right place. In this post I’m going to discuss 6 man bun Accessories every guy with a man bun needs.

If you are brand new to my website, my name is Thomas and I run a successful YouTube channel called Thomas In Action. I mostly make content for guys with longer hair and have been rocking the man bun for about 4 years now, so I think it’s safe to say I know a thing or 7 about man buns.

Not to toot my own horn, but I’m currently ranking as the number one content creator for the search term “man bun” on the YouTube platform and I make man bun content very frequently (I just love man buns lol).

Thomas In Action Man Bun Accessories

If you haven’t seen any of my videos, be sure to head on over to my channel after reading this post and have a little squiz. I’m currently running a Man Bun Monthly videos series on my channel so if you’d like to stay up to date with me on the freshest man bun content, make sure you hit that subscribe button 🙂 And without further ado, let’s get into the top 6 man bun accessories every guy with a man bun needs!

Man Bun Accessory #1 - Hair Ties

So this is probably one of the most obvious man bun accessories you’d expect to find in a post like this, but it’s so true, how can you tie a man bun without a hair tie? It’s impossible.

hair ties - man bun accessories

I will say though, over my 4 years of wearing a man bun I have become a little cautious as to what kind hair ties I use for my man bun as some hair ties can grip and tug the hair causing it to break. For a guy with long hair, this is not ideal seeing as the growing out process is so long and tedious.

In short, you’ll want to make sure you buy anti grab or anti pull hair ties. There’s one type of hair tie that I really like from a company called The Long hairs.

They sell anti grab hair ties for guys and they come in all different colours and patterns which is pretty dope. I got a few different variations from them including and army camo theme, an American theme and a pirate theme.

I also think it’s pretty cool that there is a brand like this creating hair products that would usually be considered a girls and making it into something for guys.

In their marketing they make a point of how awkward it can be for a fellow man bun wearer to be standing in the woman's hair care aisle looking for hair ties haha. Their solution is to skip all of that and have your dope ass hair ties delivered to your door. I love that.

As an alternative to the hair ties mentioned above, You could just go to your local supermarket and grab generic hair ties off the shelf. Just make sure the hair ties you grab don’t have that little metal bit on them as that’s the little bugger that will rip your hair out in the end.

And lastly, you could also try the telephone wire hair ties. I call them that because when they are in the hair they look like a telephone cord lol. They look pretty cool and once bent out of shape can be returned to normal by placing them in hot water which is neat.

I would also only recommend these to guys who have thicker more fuller hair. The reason I say that is because they can stretch quite large and if you don’t enough hair they won’t be able to secure your bun very well. I made the error of using the curly hair ties when I had an undercut man bun. Obviously from the lack of hair I had, my bun was floppy and crappy when I wore it.

Man Bun Accessory #2 - A Beard Trimmer

You may be wondering why the hell a beard trimmer of all things in on my list of man bun accessories but there’s actually a really good explanation for it.

You see, when we have our hair tied up frequently, we expose our sideburns and “werewolf bits” as I like to call them, a lot more often.

Beard Trimmer - Man Bun Accessories

For me personally I can’t stand werewolf bits and untidy sideburns, so I use my beard trimmer just about every week and a half to tidy them up myself from home as I:
a) Don’t go to the hairdresser a lot.
b) It’s quicker and I don’t need to rely on anyone.

However, doing this yourself from home involves a bit of risk, especially when dealing with the werewolf pieces at the back because you can’t exactly see them from the best angle. I’ve done this enough times now to be confident with doing them myself and I just make sure I’m extra cautious when I’m in the mirror.

If you’d like to know more about how I keep my sideburns tidy, I actually did a video about it on my channel for Episode 5 of my Man Bun Monthly video series. Make sure you check it out.


Lastly, just in case you are curious as to what brand the beard trimmer I use for my sideburns is, it’s remington and you can find the exact one here. I love this little beard trimmer

  1. Because it’s small, nimbal and can get into all my nooks and crannies.
  2. It was cheap and has never broken on me.
  3. It has a rechargeable battery so I don’t have to stay plugged into the wall and I can move freely with it.
Man Bun Accessory #3 - A Wide Tooth Comb

In short, I believe a wide toothed comb is one of the most necessary man bun accessories you could have because they help keep your hair tidy without ripping and poofing up your hair.

If you have hair anything like me (big, crazy & curly) then you’ll be familiar with the tangles. I find using a normal hair brush or fine tooth comb makes my hair extra chaotic and if not worse than when it’s tangled.

When using a wide tooth comb, I can actually detangle my hair so my man bun doesn’t look all misshapen without causing it to boof up. My wide tooth comb also feels really nice on my scalp and makes man bun styling a lot more enjoyable for me.

Man Bun Accessory #4 - A Leave in Conditioner

Next on my list of man bun accessories is a leave in conditioner. I believe leave in conditioner is a good idea for anyone with medium to longer hair because sometimes the natural oils from your scalp don’t quite make it to the ends of your hair, therefore the moisture needs to be added from a alternate source.

Because my hair is so porous and curly, it really struggles to:
a) retain moisture, due to my cuticles always being so open.
b) My curl pattern prevents my natural oils from from travelling down my hair.

bhave leave in creme

The above points constantly leave my hair in a dry brittle state and I use my bhave leave in creme to give it the moisture it needs.

I’ve been using bhave leave in creme for a number of years now and really love it, however it is considered an up market product and is more expensive. SO if you are on a budget I’d recommend something a bit cheaper like Garnier fructis leave in conditioner or something similar.

Man Bun Accessory #5 - Bobby Pins

The 5th item on my list of man bun accessories is bobby pins! Bobby pins come in handy for just about everything lol.

I did a perfect man bun tutorial a while back on my channel and bobby pins played a major part in securing the final shape of the man bun.

I also use bobby pins if I’m wearing a man bun braid and I’ve mistakenly left a strand of hair out. Instead of me needing to redo the whole hairstyle, a bobby pin can save me a large amount of time by just wrapping and pinning the loose end back into place.

Bobby pins have many more uses and I would strongly recommend you get your hands on some as they may just save your man bun one day.

Man Bun Accessory #6 - A Medium to High Hold Styling Product

The final item on my list of man bun accessories is a medium to high hold hair styling products, like a hair clay or a styling paste. These types of products really come in handy when dealing with flyaways (the annoying bits that stick out without your permission).

Cavalier Clay by BluMaan
Hybrid Cream Clay by BluMaan

Episode 2 of my man bun monthly series was about how I tame my flyaways using a hair iron and Cavalier Clay by BluMaan. You can watch it just below :).


So there you have it, 6 Man Bun Accessories every guy with a man bun should have. I hope you learnt something new from reading this post and if you want to get your hands on any of the man bun accessories I mentioned in this post, you can find all the links above or by clicking on all the images of each product.

If you’re interested in my man bun monthly series that I’m hosting over on my channel make sure you subscribe and stay tuned each month for more of my man bun updates.

Until my next post, I’ll see you then!


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