3 Men’s Everyday Hairstyles For Long Hair

If you’re a guy looking for everyday hairstyles for long hair that aren’t going to take hours in the morning, look no further you’ve landed in the right spot lol.

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In this post we’re going to be covering 3 everyday hairstyles for long hair. These styles look awesome but won’t take you long so you’ll be able to get on with your day feeling confident that your hair game is on point. 

Our founder, Thomas In Action is a fuss free man and loves things to be nice and simple, so without further ado, here’s what he’s come up with for you.

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The Huntsman’s Man Bun

Inspired by Liam Hemsworth in Snow White and The Huntsman, this hairstyle looks different and quirky compared to a normal man bun but is surprisingly easy to achieve. This style can also be worn in classy or casual environments so it’s a winner winner chicken dinner in that aspect as well.

Everyday Hairstyles For Long Hair
The Huntsmans Man Bun
To achieve The Huntsman’s Man Bun follow these steps:
  1. Buy some clear or black hair elastics and place your index fingers on the peaks of your eyebrows.

  2. From there, move your fingers up your forehead until you touch your hairline. This is where we make our first section. 

  3. Section your hair from where your fingers are back to the crown of your head.

  4. Once you reach the crown of the head tidy your section and place an elastic over the hair to make a mini pony tail.

  5. Next, grab your hair as you normally would to tie your man bun and secure your bun in a low position.

Hair Elastics

Tail Combs for Sectioning

Braid Waves

As the name suggests, this everyday hairstyle for long hair is created by using a mixture of products including a curl defining cream to create texture and shape, leave in conditioner to moisturize and overnight braids.

This style looks best with long hair that falls at least to the chin and worn out instead of tied up in a man bun. Because the braids and products combined create such a textured look, this style is quite striking and can be worn for both classy occasions & casual outings (provided it’s not windy).

Everyday Hairstyles For Long Hair
Braid Waves
Mens Wavy hairstle
To achieve the out of bed man bun, follow these steps:
  1. Apply your leave in conditioner to damp or wet hair.

  2. Add a small nickel sized amount of curl defining cream to your hands and apply to the hair. Be cautious with the amount of curl defining cream you use as too much can cause your hair to go crunchy which is yuck. (in our opinion)

  3. Create multiple braids to the hair however you wish. If you want your hair to sit in a certain direction you’ll need to position the braids accordingly. The braids help set the hair in place. This works on 2 accounts, the formation of the braids is what creates the waves and the direction your hair is braided is going to set the direction your hair goes once you release it.

    NOTE: If you can braid your own hair, ask your girlfriend, sister or mum to do it for you or you can learn by watching this video Thomas made a while back.

  4. After you’ve applied your products and made your braids go to bed and let mother nature perform her magic.

  5. When you wake up in the morning gently release each braid and run your fingers through it to break the waves up a bit.

  6. To finish the hairstyle, simply add some argan oil to the ends to keep them soft, shiny and healthy and off you go.

The Classic Messy Man Bun

Need we say more on this? One of the best things about having a man bun as a guy is if you can’t be stuffed taking any pride in your hair and any given day, the messy man bun will always save the day.

Although the messy man bun is extremely easy to do there’s still a few things you can do to make is a sexy messy man bun with going to far. 

Everyday Hairstyles For Long Hair
messy man bun
To achieve this hairstyle, follow these steps:
  1. Add a small amount of argan oil to the ends to moisturize the hair and tame it down a little. Bed head hair can be pretty wild so running your fingers through it a few times with some argan oil should to the trick to calm it down.

  2. Add the slightest amount of sea salt spray to the hair and run your fingers through it to add a bit of texture.

  3. Tie your bun where desired on your head and loop your hair tie over twice.

  4. With the excess hair that doesn’t actually go into the bun, twist is around the base of the bun and secure it with a bobby pin. This will make your man bun look wispier and give it 10 times the character.


And that’s our 3 everyday hairstyles for long hair. Which was your favourite?

The idea of each of these hairstyles is just to create a nice easy experience for you and your hair without the drama so we hope you found it valuable.

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Thanks for reading!

The Man Buns & Manes Team.

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