5 Long Nordic Hairstyles For Men – Male Viking Hairstyles

5 Nordic Hairstyles For Men - Men's Long Hairstyles

Hello and welcome back to the Man Buns & Manes blog where we’ll be covering 5 nordic hairstyles for men with long hair. Our founder, Thomas, has been inspired to create some out of the box viking styles to share with you you using inspiration from all the places he loves to hang out on the internet. 

Thomas has also included the nordic images he was inspired by and placed his own version of the hairstyle next to the original for comparison. Feel free to watch the video below if you’d find that more engaging. (We've included an extra hairstyle in the video) otherwise kick back and enjoy this article.

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Braided Viking Hairstyle

Whilst scrolling on google, Thomas found this nordic looking man with ginger hair. His hair is in a half up half down ponytail which is made up of one singular braid and accompanied with another braid sitting close behind his ear. See the original below and what Thomas managed to create on his hair.

nordic hairstyles #1

Double Braided Man Bun

This nordic hairstyle was inspired by a double man bun with two braids in the side (see image below). Thomas was extremely attracted to the look but upon trying this nordic hairstyle on himself, he decided the look just wasn’t right for him. After some small modifications, Thomas found a happy medium that incorporated the two side braids from the original but with a singular bun secured in a low position. Here’s how Thomas’ version of the hairstyle turned out.

Double Braided Man Bun

Bikey Ponytail

The 3rd nordic hairstyle consist of 4 braids on the head that feed back into a braided ponytail. Although grungey, this hairstyle looks extremely intricate to create and Thomas actually found recreating this hairstyle a little challenging. Nevertheless, Here’s how Thomas’ version of this hairstyle turned out.

nordic hairstyles #4

Lithunium Snow Inspired

The fourth nordic hairstyle on our list was inspired by the one and only Lithunium Snow. You might recognise him from just about everywhere on the internet. This guy has some banger hairstyles and is extremely creative with his look. Again, Lithunium Snow’s hairstyles are tremendously intricate and no easy task for a guy trying to do his own hair. Thomas’ admitted defeat but still incorporated parts of Lithunium’s hairstyle that he like and were in his capabilities. Here’s how it turned out.

Lithunium Snow Inspired

Half Up Half Down Ponytail

And finally, our 5th nordic hairstyle on the list was inspired by another image you’ve probably seen on just about every men’s long hair tabloid on the internet. Simple but striking, the original model wears a half up half down ponytail with flowing locks of blonde hair and a big bushy masculine beard. We love this look A LOT and here’s how Thomas’ version turned out.

nordic hairstyles #1


And that sums up our 5 nordic hairstyles for men. Were you inspired? Feel free to let us know which one was your favourites in the comments below. If you’re looking for regular long hair inspiration, don’t be a stranger and join our hair growth facebook group. You can read more about it here. 

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That’s it for now, for more of our previous long hair content, we’ve left you a few other articles you might enjoy just below.

Thanks for reading!

The Man Buns & Manes Team.


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