How to Make the Most of Long Hair For Men

Welcome back Lions for another blog post. Today we’re going to be taking some notes from celebrity hairstylist Mark Bustos on how to make the most of long hair for men.

Today's Teacher: Mark Bustos

Born June 7, 1984, Mark has earned his stripes as a celebrity stylist by tending to high end clients such as Norah Jones and Marc Jacobs and has been cutting hair since he was 14. Mark's report card is pretty flawless and he certainly knows a thing or ten about hair.

Mark Bustos - Celebrity Hair Stylist

Aside from the above, Mark’s work in the world of hair goes far deeper than years of experience and celebrity clientele. Bustos is well known internationally for his charity work of giving free haircuts to the homeless after making a visit to his parents home province of Pampanga in the Philippines.

In an interview, Bustos said that he realized how powerful and special what he does for a living is, and his job as a hairstylist is simply to make people happy no matter who they are. He also realized he could take this idea of free hair cuts for the homeless anywhere in the world and has now brought the concept to the streets of New York City. Read the full interview here.

Mark Bustos cutting hair for the homeless in the Phillippines
Mark Bustos cutting long hair for men in the streets of New York City

Mark’s Tips For Men With Long Hair

The long hair tips we’ll be covering today are from a video featuring Mark Bustos on the GQ YouTube channel. The model Mark is working on in the video appears to be somewhere between a 2a to a 2b hair type, however the same tips could be suitable right up to a 3b.

Tip 1: Nourishing Your Hair

First up Mark recommends adding an oil to the hair for extra nourishment. Wavy/curly hair types usually become dry at the ends so using an oil can help lock in that much needed moisture to keep the hair looking healthy and give it some extra protection throughout the day.

NOTE: A little bit of oil goes a LONG WAY. Mark recommends using a small amount of oil on your palms and evenly scrunching the product through the mid lengths and ends of the hair.

adding oil to mens long hair

The oil Mark Bustos used in this video is called Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil.

Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil is quite pricey so if you’re looking for something more affordable that does relatively the same job, we’ve left some alternatives below for you.

Cheaper Alternatives

Tip 2: Adding Volume

Next, Mark Recommends using a texturizing/volumizing product to add volume around the top of the head. It’s common for long hair to naturally sit in a triangle bell shape which can make the face look a little out of proportion. By using a texturizing/volumizing product in the top layers of the hair, we’re able to add more bulk up the top to give the head a much more even appearance.

long har for men lacking volume

NOTE: If you’re using a texturizing/volumizing spray as opposed to a cream, hold the product about a foot away from the head for even distribution. When using a cream, evenly apply the product to your palms before distributing it through the top layers of the hair.

Volumizing Long Hair For Men

The texturizing product Bustos used in this video is called Dry Texturizing Spray by Oribe. This product is also quite pricey however we’ve also listed some cheaper alternatives for you below. 

Cheaper Alternatives

Tip 3: Best Practices for Messy Man Bun Styling

After adding texture and volume to the models hair, Mark shows us how to transform the look into a relaxed messy man bun style. This look is a great look for casual settings and looks good without making it look like you’re trying too hard.

Messy Man Bun Hairstyle

Depending on how long your hair is will depend on where the bun sits on your head. The shorter the hair, the lower the man bun will usually need to sit.

Mark recommends combing the hair back with your fingers to keep that rough textured style we worked on earlier and then securing the bun by looping your hair tie around the hair 2 - 3 times and pulling the hair half way through to give that messy bun look.

How To Do A Man Bun
Messy Man Bun Tutorial

For the best man bun hold, we recommend using something like a sports elastic. They are designed for strong lasting hold on the hair without tugging and pulling making it the perfect option for a sturdy man bun.

To finish up the hairstyle Mark pulls a few loose pieces out of the back of the bun to shag it up and lightly trims the models neck hair using his feather razor to give a more natural finish to the hairline as opposed to sharp hard lines that some barbers tend to go for.

The real key here is to keep the look as natural as possible without making it look like you worked too hard.

How to tidy neck hair
Natural looking hairline
The final messy man bun look


And that brings us to the end of today’s post. We hope you got some value from this one and if you’re interested in learning more about Mark Bustos and his work, visit his Instagram page right here.

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Until next time!


The Man Buns & Manes Team

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