Reasons to Grow Out Your Hair If You’re a Guy

Wanting to grow your hair out but need a good reason? Great, you’re in the right place. Instead of listing reasons to grow out your hair from our perspective, we decided to ask our community members why they decided to grow their hair out and some of the answers were pretty interesting.

Before we get started, if you’re considering growing your hair out but have no clue where to start, we want to encourage you to join our Facebook group to keep yourself inspired during your journey. To learn more about the Facebook group, click here.

Now let’s have a look at what our members had to say.

From Our Hair Growth Facebook Group Members

Israel Reyes -
Started to grow my hair out to save money at first but now I'm growing it out until my first born, then I'm going to cut it all off and donate it. Maybe 🥺. Been growing it out for about 2 years or a little more.

Mukarram Arbee - 
Having long hair is so cool. I found with short hair you have to style and comb it a certain way. With long hair even untidy you look cool. Having long hair makes me feel like a badass. I can wear it neat during work with my suite. After hours I groom it for fun time.

Jake JD - 
I was in the army from a young age and never got the chance to grow my hair, I'm 38 now and thought let's give it a go, I have been growing it for 11 months now and until now I never knew I even had curly hair as I have always had it short.

Adam Sharkey - 
I’ve had short hair for 30 years of my life. I was afraid to let it grow as I've always had a need to control it. My hair is super curly and super thick. I'm using it as a way to let go of this control and be confident in who I am and also to disperse the image I’ve had of myself and what I should look like. It's not even long yet, but I freaking out with how curly it gets. 😂😂

Dayne Edgar -
It’s been crazy to see how much a haircut can change my physical appearance. However, I decided to grow my hair out to donate it. Now I can give my hair to someone who lost the ability to grow their own and give them a more comfortable lifestyle!

Daniel Lunn - 
I started to grow mine to support my nephew growing his as he was getting bullied, his end goal was to grow to cut to donate, he's fulfilled his goal, now that is my goal also, won't be long until mine is ready for the big cut!

Wil Clark -
For the first 30 years of my life, I've always kept my hair short. Then all of a sudden, I wanted to do something different. I wasn't sure if I would be able to have the patience to grow out my hair. 

Then there's that society perception that guys should have short hair especially to look professional. It's still annoying to know some people act like it's only a girl thing. 

To me, it's just something society has conditioned people to think. I've always wonder, who makes up these rules for society? 

How does having long hair keep me from being just as professional or interesting as anyone else? I grew my hair out for about four years, the first time. Then, I cut it short for several years again. 

For the last five years, I've grown it back out. I figure at my age, most guys are balding. My thought, I might as well take advantage of keeping it long since I can. Sure, it can be a pain sometimes, but I love it.

I have naturally curly hair, but it's easy to comb/brush straight. I enjoy wearing it down the most. To me, having long hair seems natural. If anyone gives me a hard time over it, I just remind them that we invented scissors to cut hair. Before that, no one rarely cut their hair. Hair growth is natural.

Samuel Crowe - 
Curious to see what it will do/How it will look and what I will be inclined to do with it. Please do a video about curly girl method.

Andrew Clarke Parrish -
I first grew out my hair from 2014-2015 for cosplay purposes. At least that was my excuse but I’ve always admired long hair even when I was young.

Brad Pitt over the years was a great inspiration to me. He had plenty of amazing styles, short and long but the longer styles he had worn down really looked amazing to me.

I had also been going to the gym for a while and watching my diet a little bit when I first grew my hair out so I thought long hair combined with a shredded physique would look truly spectacular!

Jack Lynn - 
To rebel to my parents as they never let me grow my hair.

Max Ross Because - 
Because I felt like fuck gender expectations I can look how I want and I've always wanted long hair so society will just have to put up with guys like us!

Mason Regan - 
I grew my hair out because I’m tired of the normal and liked the look of long hair on guys with Hollywood actor and short hair gets boring. I’ve got wavy hair so I wanna rock the fullness of it and Thomas has inspired me to commit to growing out fully because I tried before and failed.

Andrew Stinnett -
I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for years, but I’ve always ended up cutting it around the awkward stage. This time, i can almost put it up in a bun/sprout. I’ve always thought that having long hair would suit me pretty well.

Coby Cristales - 
I battled cancer in 2014 and thought I would never be able to get my hair back. I hid in my beanies and caps for years until I finally decided in January 2018 to try growing it out. I saw your YouTube channel a few years back and I have always envied your hair Thomas. So to be part of this community is really a big help for me. Thank you, Thom and thank you all! 😊

Mitchell Freeman -
Breaking gender boundaries and gender roles. It can be a great way to explore your gender identity if you're cis or trans since so much of our cultural identities correlate hair and gender.

Michael Muenzer -
I have been growing my hair out because I'm not like the "normal" clean cut guys in suits. Long hair makes me feel free and suits my personality the best. My inspiration was when I was younger I saw a picture of Kurt Cobain and loved how he looked. 

I loved the length I loved how he didn't wash as much as most and didn't care how it looked. My nickname in high school was Kurt Cobain because I looked just like him. To this day people either call me Jesus or Kurt Cobain and I absolutely love it.

Kian Lynch -
Hair is very much a defining part of a person. It's what most people look at first and can change your style entirely. I started growing out mine because I've never done it before and I feel I'm kinda of shying away from who I may truly be with just a bit of time and effort. Some people like and work better with long hair, others don't but overall it's to really find another person you haven't found.

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Javier Miranda -
Grew up in a very traditional family where long hair on men was literally seen as a sin lol. Pretty much grew up hating our hair and looking at it as a defect instead of a blessing. 

Then one day I decided to break that and just let this unknown thing grow out of my head 😂. I received a lot of backlash from loved ones and still do. But I didn't care.  

I didn't even know my texture.  Bumped into your videos when I was about halfway and they really inspired me to keep going. So I grew out my undercut as well And now I'm a shoulder length wavy man 😊🤙. 

This might seem a bit over the top. But there are some of us who do grow up in a very legalistic environment. And I'm one of the lucky ones who broke free☺️. C'mon y'all! Break the rules! 🦁 Thanks for reading! Love from Kentucky, USA

Baraa Ali -
It makes me more unique and changes my look a lot , it suits my laid back personality. I love people's compliments about my hair, Also girls are more friendly now lol.

Diego García -
I was bored of having the same hairstyle for so long, almost 10 years.

I mean, just look at all the men in your school or another place, almost 97 percent of them have an undercut and it's boring so I decided to try a very big change in my hair growing it out.

Also I love the man bun and it's very cool that the samurais made and used it (if I am not wrong)

Started growing hair just by seeing some YouTubers with long hairs, but this thing changed my life, because I learned to ignore people's comments on what I should do and rather doing what I want to do....

On these comments of other people, my mom gave me an advice which was motivating for me, not only for hair growth, but also for many other important things in my life...

She told "If anything which you want to do, doesn't harm you or anyone else, then there is no reason for not doing that"...

This advice helped me to take better decisions in my life...

I also learned by the awkward stage, that "if you keep patience in your hard times, you'll enjoy the original taste of success"

Beta Devlin -
I did it for two reasons, to look better with my head shape and to protest that long hair on males can be Badass.

Skit Monsterz -
A lot of my family and friends believe that long hair is just for girls and looks weird on guys. I said " I think I would look pretty gnarly with long hair" They said "no you would look stupid". 

I responded "bet bro..... " On December 13, 2019 it will be my one year anniversary of hair growth. The journey has given me a lot of confidence and has boosted my self esteem, people compliment my hair on a daily basis and my friends and family are much more open minded with guys growing their hair out, and have ever considered growing their own hair out!

It felt good to embody my own personal style and to help some people with conceded mindsets to learn how to be more open. 

Pretty cool effects for simply growing ones hair out!!!! I give everyone my best wishes for deciding to take the same path I did. Good luck and happy hair growth! 

David - 
I had long hair back in 3rd grade. I eventually cut it off because I was constantly bullied and ridiculed for it. So for the rest of my school tenure, I kept my hair short. Then I got one final haircut at the end of my senior year in May of 2016 for my cousins wedding, and after that I just never got a haircut again except for trimming. 

I didn’t really plan on growing it out again, but when everyone asked me, “When are you going to cut it?” it reminded me of when I was younger and people asked the same thing, so this time I completely disregarded any and all hateful comments towards it, and I’ve never been happier about it. 

I always missed having long hair, but I never grew it out in high school because I didn’t wanna look shaggy. But in hindsight, I wish I would have because at that age, we all look weird as it is. 

I think having long hair is a way to show that you think outside the box. It lets people know you’re a free spirit, and for those that really think about it, it shows them that you have enough determination to push through the awkward stage. 

And although it does take a little maintenance work, it’s so worth it. With all the different styles you can do, it’s like having art on your head. Not to mention it looks amazing and it’s a good talking point in a conversation. 

So if anyone is reading this and they’re looking for a sign to grow their hair out, this is it. This is your sign. Let that mane grow.


To conclude this post, although the above reasons are incredibly inspiring, we wanted to make it clear that we don’t believe you NEED a reason to grow your hair out.

If it’s want you want that should be reason enough and our community members get that. If you’re keen to join the pride, you are just one click away.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post and we’ll see you in our next one!

The Man Buns & Manes Team


One Comment on “Reasons to Grow Out Your Hair If You’re a Guy”

  1. Hi there! This January 2020, I decided to buzzcut my hair (no guard) since I always wanted to grow out my wavy hair, and I figured if I don’t grow it out now (I just turned 18) I never will.
    I also believe that with the use of blowdryers and products I damaged the hair that I had before, and buzzcutting and growing it out again would have it be as healthy as possible.
    My goal is to have my hair to be shoulder length, with those Jon Snow vibes. Wish me luck! 😀

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