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The Awkward phases of one's hair growth journey can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s what we and this hair growth journey blog post are here for! To help guys (possibly just like you) grow their hair out with confidence and to eliminate the urge cut it when everyone around you is telling you how stupid you look.

Our Facebook community that now has thousands of members is safe space for any guy looking to grow his hair out to do so with comfort. We have tons of hair care tips and threads that can help you solve your hair problems but most of all, you get to be a part of a community that has your back.

Hair Growth Journeys From Our Members

Here are some inspiring hair growth journeys from guys currently in the group. Some have grown their hair out from a disconnected undercut and others have started their hair growth journey from bald beginnings. Have a look, have a read and when you’re ready,  visit our community page to join.

See you on the other side!

Member: Owen Janes

Owen's Hair growth Journey

I started my hair growth journey back in 2013 with a crew cut (shaved 4 grade on top and grade 2 round the sides). I didn't have any idea what my hair type was like so it's been a huge learning experience... and VERY character building! 

When I reached the awkward stage from around 6 months, it lasted for 18 months as my hair is curly, wavy, really thick and coarse so rather than having hair that simply dropped down when loose it was growing sideways and upwards.

I had to wear a hair band for the majority of my growing out phase to keep it looking controlled as I had a corporate sales job. I put up with all the usual long hair challenges of jokes ("you look like jesus" or, "you look homeless" etc) and so many friends and family would say "when are you getting it cut!?". 

I'm pretty stubborn so that motivated me even more to reach my goal of wearing my hair in a bun and it was a great feeling when I finally reached that stage. I had to trial and error a lot of products and learn a hair routine which suited my own hair.

But now, 7 years on, I know my hair type, know my hair routine and products and get compliments from both men and women and most importantly feel so happy within myself. It's a hugely character building journey but one so worth seeing through to the end.

Member: Luke Fowler

Started my hair growth journey off in January 2017. Happy to say I’ve been at a good length for about a 18 months now after what felt like a decade of going through the awkward stage. The last photo was today, 14th January, I had my hair dyed after wanting to dye it blonde for so long!

Member: Jared Bruther

Jared's Hair growth Journey

I’m currently 27 and about 4 or 5 years ago I told myself I wanted to grow my hair out. So I would start my journey but then peer pressure from my family and friends to cut my hair was always thrown in my face. Then my hair would start to look bad so I would give in and cut it.

I repeated this process about 3 times and then I had given up on growing it out. Then I discovered Thomas on YouTube. His Inspo kept me pushing through. Every-time I thought about cutting my hair all I had to do was pull up one of his hair videos. I have grown it out for a year now. I no longer have thoughts of cutting it. Its a lot longer and now i feel like it's a part of my personality.

Member: Enver Sarac

Enver's Hair growth Journey

It was hard at first, I’ve always wanted long hair, but I could never get past the awkward stage. I started growing my hair after going really short in October 2018. This time I got past the awkward stage by wearing beanies until summer. I always thought my hair was wavy, but I found out my hair was really curly. 

I rocked the curls during summer but after that I didn’t like it anymore and blow-dried it to get it more straight/wavy. I want to use my curls when it’s longer but for now I like the waviness. My goal is to get it past my shoulders.

Member: Kian Lynch

James' Hair growth Journey

Starting January 8th, 2019, I started growing my hair out (not represented by either photo) and up till this point in my life I'd never grown it out to a point where I could really consider it "long" hair and because of that I didn't really enter prepared for what was to come the few months afterward.

I persevered up until July 17th, where I had a weak point and shaved the sides and back, thus making it so I could have a man-bun on top. At first it didn't really fit but it squeezed in there later on, but I wasn't satisfied with the hairstyle, so I decided after my trim of the sides and back again on September 30th (represented by the day 1 picture) that I was going to grow it all out this time.

I am currently on my 4th month and so far the progress has been fantastic! At the beginning of my 3rd month I measured an average of 3 inches of hair on the sides and back, about an inch per month so far! I'm naturally a curly redhead so it's hard sometimes to keep track of how long it actually is, so I do have to measure multiple angles from the root.

I've just taken a new set of photos on January 22nd (represented by Day 116 picture) and I'm soooo excited for the point when it can all fit in there, and if the progress doesn't slow down it's only a matter of time.

Member: James Barret

James' Hair growth Journey

Been growing my hair out for 15 months (since October 2018). Aiming to grow to shoulder length. I can put it in a decent man bun now but I’ve got quite curly hair so it can be difficult sometimes.

Member: Louis Adamson

So, I started growing my hair out (in the first picture) back when I had rather a long fringe. The reason my fringe was that long was that I used to put it into a quiff but I got sick of that, so I decided to grow it out.

I really wanted wavy hair and was looking for ways to make it wavy but as it’s grown out, there seems to actually be a natural wave in it so I’m super happy I decided to grow it. I’ve been growing it for just over a year now and I’m wanting it to be a lot longer, like past my shoulders I think.

Member: Jeandré Botha

My hair growth journey has been a very interesting time in my life so far. I started growing it out in January 2019 as a new year's resolution. I never broke that resolution and as of this time in January 2020 I have a year's worth of hair growth. I have had two trims to deal with split ends.It has taught me an immense amount of patience and perseverance. 

The first few months were a bit of a challenge with adapting to the awkward stages of growth, but luckily all the inspiring videos from Thomas’ YouTube channel helped to keep me motivated. In the photo with my long hair, I have just started using argan oil. The hair is naturally blonde and have never seen colouring or highlighting. I get in the sun a lot and that is what makes the highlighted effect.

Member: Jake Heath

Luke's Hair growth Journey

I have never had long hair and I was in the army for many years. Decided at the age of 38 to grow out my hair. Much to my surprise I have extremely thick wavy curly hair. There's been times I have wanted to chop it all off but at 11 months in I'm still going strong. Thanks

Member: Andy Reyna

Long hair from Andy

A little over a year in the making, this journey has been (and it still is) pretty fun! Coming from a very religious and conservative Mexican family, being able to grow out my hair has been a dream come true. I've loved every day of it.

Even the awkward phases (which pretty much means my whole journey since I have very thick hair with a very light curl, so I basically look like Farrah Fawcett all the time).

Member: Sahil Rookmin

Sahil's Hair growth Journey

I've been growing my hair for like 15 months and I feel growing out hair is like a roller coaster ride. I also feel that my hair grows pretty slow.

Member: Cole Buchanan

Cole's Man Bun

Hey you guys! I started growing my hair out in March of 2018. I had an undercut with a skin fade all the way to the top layer.

The first photo was at the very beginning! You can see how short it was. And now my average lengths around my head is about 13 inches! No matter how hard the awkward stages are, remember to push through!

I honestly believe growing your hair out makes you a stronger person because you learn not to care what other people think and it creates a patient mind and heart!

Love all you guys and thank you Thomas for always inspiring me!

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Member: Christopher Norris

Chris's Hair growth Journey

I used to have longer hair in high school during the so called "emo phase years" and I've always grown up listening to rock and metal. I never thought long hair would look good on a large man such as myself and it kept me from growing it for so long.

I've been growing my hair out for nearly a year now started with top only and just recently decided to grow out the sides about 4-5 months ago.

Its been a series of bad hair days but the days it looks good I feel like a powerful strong man and I wont stop growing it until it's long the awkward phase doesn't bother me I am used to working under pressure being the front man of a band in Cleveland Ohio called "Misery l Melody" has given me all the confidence I've ever needed to be myself! The hardest part is thinking of different ways to style it as it grows but all in all a wonderful experience.


Member: Ethan Sikes

Ethan's Hair growth Journey

I started growing my hair out about 18 months ago! I've been using Watermans Grow Me Shampoo and Conditioner and often add oils to add some weight. When I first began growing my hair out, I used heat to battle the awkward stage but I ended up frying it! So I cut a significant bit off and am re-growing a healthier head of hair!

I love Thomas's channel. I’ve been watching him since 7th grade and I graduate this year! Thanks so much for the advice and positivity you’ve shown over the years!

Member: Youssouf Islam Aissani

You's hair growth journey

I've always had messy hair but it’s been almost a year and a half since I let it grow long, at 11months i got an under hair cut because I wasn't comfortable with side hair not growing & also being curly.

Ps: I am planning to get my hair forks done for the first time and I may also get a keratin treatment.

Member: John Lorenz Calvo

John's Hair growth Journey

Through my hair growth journey, I’ve really learned more of taking care of my hair so it comes out healthy. Taming the sides of my hair is really stressful if you don’t have the right products and techniques. After 1 year of growing it out, it was worth it. Buying those products and hours taken so I can style my hair look clean. Can’t grow a beard though, so I can match it with my hair.

Member: Brendan Glockson

Brendan's hair growth journey

My last haircut was June 28th, 2018. I decided I wanted to grow my hair out because I had an undercut man bun for 3 years and I watched all of Thomas' videos when he had one as well. 

He started to grow his hair out and I’ve always thought about doing it. One day I just decided to commit and chopped my undercut bun off and started growing my hair out.

There was a lot of bullying and unkind words said about my appearance in the awkward stage, but now it seems everyone wants my hair. I’m still growing and trying to get it a good ways past my shoulders.

Member: Matthieu Poot

man bun haircut

I've always had it short wanting it to be longer, so I let it grow a bit more before I decided to fully go for it. I've been growing it out for 15 months now, and I'm loving the progress. I'm at a point now where I think my hair looks sexier as it grows on.

The awkward stage wasn't necessarily bad, it just took very long. I've been watching your videos for some time now and the fb group really is such a positive place to find the motivation and support you don't always find in real life! So thank you for that!

Member: Abdullah Mohammed

Man Bun Vibes

My Hair Growth journey was challenging but great and worth all the efforts , because this is the longest length of my hair i ever got,.. and so far no distractions. Im also thankful to Thomas for making this community for hair goals, inspiration and to help and share hair care routines /style ideas . They've helped me a lot on this hair growth journey

Member: Mason Regan

Mason's Hair growth Journey

This group has really helped me push growing out my hair. I’ve wanted to do it for so long but never committed. Once I saw Thomas In Action, (what a amazing guy) I was like "Yes! Imma grow my hair out too".

I’m currently 5 months started with 2.8 inches up with one guard and now I’m 5.3 up top and 3 inches on side with wavy hair which can be a pain to manage sometimes. I usually tie it up at end of day since it's always in my face and it's kind of a half top knot. I’m going strong though~ Thanks for hair inspo Thomas. I've only had only one trim btw...

Member: Craig Dunn

Craigs Long Hair Growth

I think it’s very well documented how bad the awkward stage is and for me like everyone else was absolute TORTURE but honestly once you get to 12-13 month mark it’s an absolute breeze! Loving my hair now and can’t wait to see further progress as I approach the 2 year mark! Only one trim within this time also to deal with split ends.

Member: Wahab Shah

Wahab's Hair growth Journey

Hey Thomas! I have been growing about my hair since 1.3 years. First I was growing out my top for an undercut man bun but soon enough I got bored of that hairstyle lol. 😂

Then I started growing out my sides. I enjoyed my awkward phase, even though my friends and my girlfriend do no like my long hair. When I started rocking the man bun in public, I was feeling so confident. Thanks for the inspo man🤘🤘❤❤❤ BTW, my girlfriend left me coz my long hair. 😭💔😅

Member: Alex Price

18 months of hair growth

What can I say? I’ve been growing my hair for a year now, with some inspirational help from everything Thomas has put out.

The first photo has been the length of my hair for my whole life. I figured I would choose a throwback to show what a difference hair can make to your entire look.

Second picture is after 1 year of growth, some coconut hair butter, & some sea salt spray.

As my hair gets longer, I realize how it has changed it’s texture. I was convinced that it was pin straight, but it turns out that it’s full of volume and wave.

Thanks Thomas, hope you decide to use my pics!

Member: Moksh Beedasy

hair growth journey from Moksh

It's now been 2 and a half years growing my hair. Image 1 is the closest picture I could find (wasn't documenting much at that time). I'm happy with the result so far and now my new goal is to see how long I can reach with my hair in 5 years since the start.

Member: Saptarshi Adhikary

Saptarshi's hair growth journey

At the beginning it was so hard to control the side parts but now it's much more manageable. The awkward stage is hard but the outcome is worth it. ❤

It's been almost 14 months since I started my hair growth journey and I learned how to stand alone because everyone was against me. They said I looked like a girl so this hair growth journey helped me a lot to bring our my full potential.

Member: Robert Bubnik

Robert's Hair growth Journey

Hey Thomas, this is my 3rd time growing my hair out after cutting it first before I got my first job out of college and then a 2nd time before a new job.

I picked up on your videos about 2 years ago and ever since have been active on the facebook group and on reddit. Seeing everyone support each other was the biggest benefit and helped me get past my own ups and downs with the mane. It's even inspired me to loosen up a little, try new things, and take life as it is. Happy hair growing.

Member: Taylor Wallace

Taylor's Hair growth Journey

I’m at 18 months so far. Have had 3 trims. It’s been a struggle, I have wanted to cut it all off so many times but I touched through it because I like when people compliment it. And I told myself I was gonna keep growing it for my mom since she passed away last year so she is my true motivation. Love the group and love seeing everyone else’s hair!

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